Griffith Observatory

Integrated Campaign 
Art Director: Andrew Leguay 
Copywriter: Peter Estermann and Issac Fernandez

The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles is a world-class space-exploration facility, open to the public. It has no fees, no lines, and no restrictions on entry. It also has no advertising. Let’s change that.


To reach Angeleans, ads will run alongside the 405 highway, inside prominent shopping malls, and within local magazines. Each piece will leverage its unique placement to show that exploring space is possible for everyone. 

405 Highway Billboard


Mall Poster


Los Angeles Magazine Print Ad

magazine-2magazine-2 Sponsored Ads

To reach LA tourists, sponsored ads for celestial destinations will run alongside real search results for flights and hotels. 


Wikipedia Hack

When you ask Google a question about space, most of the “answers” are pulled directly from Wikipedia’s content—which anyone can update. On National Space Day, when the number of space-related questions is at its highest, we’ll change Wikipedia’s content to show that space is a lot closer than you think.