Blackberry KEYone Digital Launch

Digital Campaign 
Blackberry recently launched the new Blackberry KEYone phone and came to Schiefer ChopShop to help craft a meaningful message that communicates 'different' but with purpose. Working closely with the Blackberry team, I helped craft the art direction and design for the launch. The campaign included a photo/video shoot, digital banners (animated/static), web, social, 6 and 15 sec bumpers. 

The results were tremendous. The KEYone sold out in Europe where the campaign was launched. The digital banners got 1M+ Impressions, .35% click-through rate (7x industry average for banners), 1.73% conversion rate. The:06 bumpers got 20K+ clicks to the website, which is a 1% click-through rate on a:6 sec ad (100% increase over industry average CTR for all video lengths).